CAMS Yard Sale

CAMS 2017 Yardsale Edition

Saturday 07 October 2017

(rain date if needed, 14 Oct)

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Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Summary and photos from our 2012 yard sale - here

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A yard sale of metalworking machinery, tools, gadgets, and whatever related to all aspects of metalworking as a hobby. This is not only a chance to examine and purchase items, large and small, but also a chance to meet and greet others who are interested in the hobby. While selling is restricted to club members, everyone is welcome to come by, meet fellow hobbyists, and hunt for bargains. Membership is not a formal signup, just being or knowing someone who is on our mailing list or comes to meetings is sufficient. 


In past years we had milling machines, lathes, a surface grinder, a shaper, drill presses, and untold amounts of small stuff, books, and general junque.

Let us know what you are bringing to sell and we will list it here! Though this is not an exhibition, you can also bring stuff just to show if you like.


Food service this year is planned to be semi-catered barbeque from Dixie Bones. We will be offering chopped pork barbeque and pulled chicken barbeque sandwiches, along with sides of potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans. Feel free to bring side dishes or sodas.

We ask that you prepay if you plan to eat. Suggested amount is $6 to $10 depending on how much you think you will eat. Funds will be collected via PayPal, checks by postal mail, or cash at the Virginia meeting on Wednesday 27 September 2017. PayPal submission should be by send cash. E-mail address for PayPal will be announced on the mailing list, or ask by private email to webmaster. I did not want to publish the email address on this web page for the obvious reasons.

Don't like barbeque or didn't contribute in time? At our fall mini-sale, money was collected for a batch of pizza to be delivered.


Saturday the 7th of October 2017. Open to the public at 10 AM. CAMS members admitted at 9 AM. If weather is forecast to be unfriendly, we will announce an update by Friday AM on the mailing list.


At the home of a club member, Steve Stallings, in Lorton, Virginia. The street address is 10025 Old Colchester Road. 

    On the internet, you can access a map and directions here:   BING map   or   GOOGLE map

Driving directions are: - Take interstate 95 South to the Lorton, VA exit which is approximately 6.5 miles from the Washington beltway. At the end of the ramp, turn left (East) onto Lorton Road. Proceed under the bridge for I95, through the stoplights at Gunston Cove Road (no through passage), and stoplight at the Amtrak station entrance, and under the railroad bridge (all very close together). At the first light past the railroad bridge turn right onto Lorton Market Square. There is a First American Bank on the corner and a strip shopping center along Lorton Market Square. Proceed past the shopping center, past the old railroad bridge where the road you are on becomes Gunston Cove Road. Those with a keen eye and memory will realize that my old house was in the area, though it has changed significantly. 

Proceed up the hill to the stoplight at US Rt. 1 and cross Rt. 1 and pass a gas station and a 7-11 store. The name of the road changes again to become just plain Gunston Road. Proceed to the next intersection (almost a mile) to turn right onto Old Colchester Road. My house is the first one on the left (10025 Old Colchester Road). Do not try to park in the driveways at the house except for handicap parking or those assisting with food and other event management tasks. Proceed further and look for a gap in the split rail fence to turn left into the "pasture". Flea market area will be to the left, uphill near the house. 

Parking for visitors and buyers will be as shown on the diagram below. We want to fill the area at the rear of the property first, especially if you are staying until lunch time. Once this fills, we will begin using the general parking area that was immediately on the right where you enter the yard. No large trucks or heavy trailers as this area has clay tile drain field lines in it. Please follow instructions provided by anyone assisting with parking.

There is NO street parking in the immediate area, you must park in the "pasture". Please do not try to park in the driveway at the house except for handicap parking or delivery of supplies for cooking at the picnic. Sellers who have items that can be hand carried and who can move to general parking later may use the driveway at the house for unloading. Space for sellers not parking in the selling area will be nearest the house under the Walnut tree. Vehicles in the house driveway MUST be moved immediately after unloading.

Diagram of site layout and parking area - click on image for higher resolution version.


You will be setting up on a grassy lawn with some slope and just a bit shade at the North edge. Setup may begin at 8:30AM. Plan on bringing your own ground cover or table as there may still be dew on the grass in the morning. If having your table level is critical, bring chock blocks. Please do not bring vehicles heavier than a short box truck without contacting me first. If you are selling only a couple of items that can be placed on the ground or a table, please  move your vehicle out of this area after setup to maximize space for sellers. Sellers who do not need to park in the selling area will get preferential space nearest the house and may load and unload using the driveway at the house if the items can be hand carried. We should keep a center aisle 50 feet wide in the main selling area to allow vehicles to exit after setup.


This area is a former pasture, not a golf course, so expect some dips and holes despite the lawn-like appearance.

There are no covered areas available, so bring plastic or a tarp if rain threatens.

Sun block, insect repellent, folding chairs, and umbrellas are items to consider in your kit.

No alcohol or fire arms please.


Gunston Hall plantation and Potomac Mills shopping mall are near by for family members who may wish to share the ride but not stay around for the day. There is also a 7-11 store just up the hill at Route 1 and Gunston Road.


For additional information, you can e-mail questions to


or you can phone  703-550-5832. If no one is home, please leave a message.


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