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Chesapeake & Allegheny Steam Preservation Society (CALS) - A non-profit live steam club in Baltimore, Maryland. CALS is a mature, active club with over half a mile of 7-1/2" double tracked main line and several sets of engines and trains. They have public run days once a month. For contact info click HERE.

Potomac Antique Tool and Industries Association (PATINA) - Antique tool collectors club. Publishes a bimonthly newsletter with articles about tools. Has been holding regular meetings for over a decade. Each spring and fall they arrange a flea market and auction for all kinds of tools and related items, antique and general interest.

Annapolis Woodworkers' Guild (AWG) - Woodworkers club founded in 1989. The club is very active, with monthly meetings, a newsletter, public service projects and participation in trade shows. They also maintain a lending library of books and video tapes for members. For more info click HERE. -- seems to have gone away

Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association - This club collects, restores, and displays antique industrial and agricultural machinery. This is a very active club with a permanent facility located just north of Easton, MD where they house the exhibits and host an annual show. More information is available on a member's web page HERE and the association's new page HERE. Also see the field trip review on the CAMS history page.

Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac - Sponsors the "Spring Fling" blacksmithing event. The Guild normally meets twice monthly at 7:30 p.m. on the first and third Friday nights at the Gulf Branch Nature Center, 3608 Military Road (very near Chain Bridge) Arlington, VA 22207.  Blacksmiths, potential blacksmiths, or individuals interested in blacksmithing are welcome to visit any meeting.

Baltimore Museum of Industry - Just what the name says. Exhibits related to the history of industry in Baltimore.

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association - Collects, preserves and interprets history with a broad focus on short line and industrial railroads and the forest and mining industries of West Virginia. This is the organization that is restoring the Cass Climax locomotive.

Courses, Schools, "Hacker" spaces

There are some occasional courses about machine tool use given at local schools in spite of our area not being home to much heavy industry. Courses in welding are a little more common. Hacker spaces often run courses on electronics and robotics related subjects. Places to contact include:

NOVA Labs 
3850 Jermantown Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Nova Labs is a nonprofit (501(c)(3) corporation) providing Maker/Hacker space in Northern Virginia. They provide the space and tools to grow a community where enthusiastic collaborators of any skill level can converge to make things. Currently have in house tools for electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, metalworking, blacksmithing, welding and other activities. Currently acting as host for other activity groups such as 3D printer builders, hobby lock-smiths, and soap making.

3D Metal Parts, Inc. - no longer at this location, status???
5330 46th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781

3D Metal Parts is a commercial company that sponsors free use of their metalworking facilities. The owner, Chas, treats this as a low key, help the community kind of resource that he calls Maker Tuesday. As the name implies, it is typically open each Tuesday evening. Phone 301-221-2184
Photo to help recognize the place!

TechShop DC-Arlington  - no longer exists
2110-B Crystal Dr.
Arlington, VA 22202

TechShop was a paid membership organization that provides space, equipment, and training for do-it-yourself projects. They have manual and CNC equipment for metal and wood working, plus other equipment such as 3D printers and a plastic injection molding machine.

Montgomery College - no longer offers machine shop courses
Rockville Campus,31 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850
general information phone 301-279-5188
Manufacturing & Fabrication Information: 301-251-7902

typical course listing from their catalog, note this info is not current

            Course: TTG201 -  Introduction to Machining
            $120 + $275 fee = $395; Non-residents: Add $100
            CRN #: 24038 S[aturday] 10/7-12/16/2000
            RV[Rockville Campus]: 115TT[Interim Technical Training Center]
            9am-1:30pm 10 sessions No class 11/25
Learn the fundamentals of operating basic metal-cutting machines used in making precision parts for tools, dies, machines, and instruments. Basic blueprint interpretation and the safe and proper sequence and choice of machines and tools needed to fabricate parts will be discussed. Students must furnish their own eye and ear-protection devices. Textbook available at the Rockville Campus Bookstore. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Catonsville Community College

The Community College of Baltimore County--Catonsville Campus offers a number of courses in machining and related subjects, taught through their Computer-Automated Manufacturing program. The Community College of Baltimore County Catonsville Campus 800 South Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21228 410-455-6050 TTY 410-455-4163

Typical courses have CAMM xxxx designations. See on line catalog for details. Associate's degree and Certificate programs are available.


Northern Virginia Community College

    They offer less and less of interest, but have a look if you wish.

Fairfax County Adult Education Program

    Occasional offerings as apprentice programs for the trade and the usual auto shop and welding classes. You can check it out here:

Tools and Supplies

The places mentioned below are all local to the greater Washington DC and Baltimore, MD area. Some are regular industrial or retail establishments, but many are selling used items, surplus, or scrap. You should be an educated consumer when buying from this type of establishment. There are great deals to be had, but "satisfaction guaranteed" and "lowest price guaranteed" are not the standard policy of such sellers. If you are a novice, try to get a more seasoned friend to go with you on your first visit to help evaluate price, condition, and probability of finding similar items from other sources.

Last of the "real" hardware stores.....

Map on Google with pins for real hardware stores - click here

Created by Matthew Patton, thanks!

  Material stock, Scrap or Used

A sad note: As of some time in early 2002, Montgomery Scrap stopped allowing public browsing. They were considering alternative ways to sell to the public, but this never came to pass.

A source for scrap metal and sometimes useful widgets. The scrapyard is open for public browsing only on Saturday mornings from 8 AM until noon.  Upon entering, go to the weigh scale shed behind the main building and let them know you want to look around.  They will tell you the rules.  As of March 1999 they sold steel and iron for 25 cents per pound, while aluminum, brass, stainless, etc. were $2.00 per pound.  As with most scrap yards, some days are good, some days are a big yawn.

Scrapyard - primarily steel and stainless. Retail sales still permitted as of April 2013.

Small scrapyard that will allow you to walk around and pick out what you want. Prices reasonable, selection only fair. Open weekdays until 4PM and until noon on Saturday.

RIP - revitalization finally got to them and the location is now vacant, pending new development

Scrapyard - Steel and non-ferrous metals. Recently opened and seems to employ many former G & L staff. Confirmed to sell to the public as of April 2013.  Parent company's web site:

Scrapyard - Steel and non-ferrous metals. Staff said they will sell to the public as of April 2013.  Web site:

Recycler - This is off Severn Way, which is off Rt. 28. Open 7:30 to 5 M - F, 7 to 1 Sat. Head man is Mark Zwilsky. They used to allow "retail" customers to come in and browse around, but as of April 2013 they reportedly no longer allow retail sales. Regularly deals in aluminum, brass, and stainless.

Recycling yard. Has had useful scrap in the past, but recently reported as mainly recycling wire and soda cans.

Recycling yard. Recommended as a place to SELL your scrap to them. WEB:

Mega surplus dealer in southern New Jersey. Everything from small nuts and bolts up to road construction equipment. Every time a CAMS member goes, they come back with enough goodies to make their vehicle springs cry out in pain.

Sells surplus/scrap metal and used machinery parts at Cabin Fever and other east coast shows. Items offered are not general scrap, but rather selected with the hobbyist in mind. Offers aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, and some steel. Shipping is available if cost and size are reasonable.

Major scrap metal dealer. Formerly had large surplus store in Reading, PA. Some hardware and tools still sold at new location.

Material stock, New

Commercial supplier, mostly structural steel but some cold rolled stuff. They keep their "cut offs" along a wall and they don't mind if you come in and look around. They also sell a good selection of nuts and bolts in good grades and a wide selection of sizes. They are reported to also have some stainless bar stock and aluminum.

  Warning - though still listed for completeness, BMG has had a rash of bad reviews since being acquired

Commercial supplier, various steels and aluminum in structural shapes, flat strips, plate, angle, channel, bar stock, and square tubing. Local stock and offer cutting and delivery services on larger orders.

Structural steel shapes, flat strips, plate, angle, channel, and square tubing. The sort of stuff that is more in line with fabricating rather than machining. Possibly some salvage stuff also. They are friendly and sell in any quantity.

Commercial metal supplier. Can supply aluminum tube. Takes credit cards.

Commercial metal supplier. Can supply aluminum and stainless steels. Also offers some local retail sales of cutoffs and drops at discounted prices using the business name of "Metal to Go"

Commercial metal supplier, mostly structural steel and related tools and hardware. The Baltimore branch is the old Leonard Jed company which had a great selection of tools and fasteners.

Supplier specializing in cut to order and small lots of metals.

Supplier specializing in cut to order and small lots of metals.

Structural steel (beam, tube, etc)

Structural steel (plate, beam, tube, etc)

Supplier specializing in plastics; special adhesives, sealants, and polishes for plastic.

Supplier specializing in plastics, all types and forms.

Supplier specializing in plastics, supplies for working plastics, and also fabrication services.

  Parts, tools, misc., New

RIP - Well the ordeal is finally over and the assets went to auction in early April 2013.

Old fashion hardware store. Recently changed ownership, went the Ace Hardware route which did not work for them, now trying to go back to the old independent style. Let's all hope they survive.

Home town real hardware store.

Small but friendly old fashioned hardware store.

Imported machinery and tools. For examples see:

Supplier of bearings and all sorts of other stuff related to moving parts of machinery. See:

Welding supplies and some metalworking tools. See:

Specialty fasteners, screws etc., will sell small quantities.

Jewelers tools and supplies, great for model making and fine work.

Jewelers tools and supplies. Some casting and plating stuff.

Tools and fasteners. An old style (from the 1880's) company with real stock and service. In 2012 Leonard Jed was acquired by Posners and now operates as one of their branches.

Cutting tools and supplies, local stock. Their web site is at:

Sells both leather and composite belts for machinery made to your size requirements. They have a web site at:

Chain store for woodworkers, but enough cross over in tools and supplies to be of interest. Jet dealer. They are open late weeknights and on Saturday/Sunday.

Candy store of surplus fasteners and widgets of all types. See:

  Casting supplies, New

They cater to furnace installation/refurbishment business but usually have a few types of firebrick and castable refractory in stock. They now have a website at:

They sell fire brick and the mortar at reasonable prices.

Carries a very large assortment of casting supplies, but not much equipment. They have a web site at:

Supplies for casting and foundry work seem difficult to purchase locally, so here is a link to a mail order outfit that sells to hobbyists.

OK, its in the Boston area, but they are the real animal. According to Chris Daniel this is a place that actually stocks all the goodies and you can see the stuff and get questions answered. Web site is now available at: Malcolm G. Stevens, Inc., 12 Progress Avenue, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, 01879  Phone:  (978) 649-0112

  Casting services

Operated by religiously observant Amish, so no internet or regular phone contact. Phone messages will get you a return call when they can use the public phone. I you cannot deal with the communications issues, just accept that this route is not for you and move on. They specialize in cast iron and have an excellent reputation for quality work done for a fair price. Cattail Foundry is operated by Emanuel J. King and located at 167 West Cattail Road, Gordonville, PA 17529. The phone number for leaving messages is 717-768-7323.

Casting company in Spokane, Washington that caters to hobbyists. They do primarily decorative bronze and aluminum. They also sell furnaces and other casting equipment.

Another link found on-line to a casting company that caters to hobbyists. Northland Castings, 4130 W Tyler Road, PO Box 472, Hart MI 49420, phone (231)873-4974.

Another link found on-line for a casting company that will work with hobbyists.Trumbell Metal Specialties, 643 Henry Street, Niles, OH 44446. Phone: (330)-349-4505

  Machinery, New Dealers

Seller of quality power tools, some metalworking and woodworking machinery. Dealer for Delta and Jet brands. Web site at

Seller of quality power tools, some metalworking and woodworking machinery. Dealer for Delta and Powermatic brands. Web site at

  Machinery, Used Dealers

Used machinery and tools. Regular business hours. Mostly large older machinery, but some tooling in the rear room of the warehouse. Likely to have a dozen or more lathes and several Bridgeport size mills at any given time.

Used machinery and tools. Regular business hours. Mostly large older machinery, but worth a visit to look around even if you cannot use a large machine.

Operated by Dudley Biddeson. Location - Clipper Mill Industrial Park in the Woodbury-Hampden section of Baltimore (2019 Clipper Park Road off Union Avenue) Telephone  410-235-1300. Large warehouse filled with used machinery, all ages and conditions, mostly large industrial metal working. Milling machines, engine lathes, horizontal and vertical band saws, drill presses, radial-arm drills, heat treating ovens, injection molding machines, air compressors, welding tables, etc. Call before visiting - their hours are somewhat flexible.

used machinery and tools - more info needed

used machinery and tools - more info needed

Alas, Noel Dempsey has retired and the shop at 3121 West Leigh Street is becoming a brew pub and pinball hangout. Yes, really! 

Noel will still manage some liquidation sales without dragging stuff back to Richmond. He will announce these on his web site. He is also keeping a small shop of his own around the corner to have a place to tinker.

It was great while it lasted. Over twenty years selling used machinery and tools. Many of us have outfitted our shops with treasure rescued there. He was a liquidator rather than a regular machinery dealer, i.e. he sold what he got rather than rebuild and paint stuff. Major purchases could be seen under power if machine is in operating condition. All kinds and sizes of machinery and tooling. Great deals and stuff moved fast. Stock varied a lot from week to week, sometimes nothing new, sometimes you hit the jackpot. Dempsey and Co. will be missed!

  Machinery Moving

Don't let the name fool you. They have heavy duty roll-backs and low-boys capable of moving construction equipment. Not sure if they can bring a forklift with them for loading.

Riggers and machinists familiar with moving machine tools. Run by Bob Rienhart.

Not machinery riggers, but rather a company that uses regular automotive roll backs, however they are not afraid to move machinery and have helped several CAMS members move milling machines.


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