Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Museum Machine Shop Restoration Project Photo Gallery

24 February 2001 - The crew at work. L-R ... Kevin Brady, Luther Dietrich,
Charles Keeney (at back door), John McCalla (kneeling), and Vince Iorio.


24 February 2001 - Charles Keeney cleaning parts, line shaft pulleys on floor to left.


24 February 2001 - The Smith & Mills shaper stripped down for cleanup.


February 2001 - Jerry Tuwiner examines workbench at Baltimore Museum of Industry,
trying to get ideas for Tuckahoe


February 2001 - Jerry Tuwiner and Charles Keeney paint the shaper ram while Luther and Vince watch.


16 June 2001 - Jerry Tuwiner and Vince Iorio try to figure out how to set up a flat belt drive system so the shaper can be demonstrated in motion at the show.

23 June 2001 - John McCalla tries to help a bent shaft find the straight and narrow.


John (foreground) admires his shaft straightening work while Vince Iorio and Jerry Tuwiner discuss bringing the shaper to life.


Luther Dietrich puts the finishing touches on the countershaft for the shaper.


John watches as Jerry and Vince work on getting the electric motor installed.


Luther and Vince admire the shaper, now running with the side door removed so people can watch how the bull gear translates rotary motion into the back and forth stroke needed to drive the ram of the shaper.

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