Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 18 Feb 99 Meeting
Fairland Public Library
14910 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

The meeting went fairly well. Eighteen people signed the log sheet, counting Dan Fox who did make it after all. We even had the Therry brothers from Pennsylvania!

firstgrp.jpg (34144 bytes)

Here is a picture of the people who were still around when (belatedly) I remembered to take a picture.  From left to right: Chris Daniel, Bill Lewis, Paul Therry, Bill Therry, Dan Fox, Bill Rutiser, Stan Stocker, and Ken Knaell.

The library didn't prove too hard to find. They gave us a large room with plenty of chairs. They even let us stay after the staff left for the night, just go out one of the non-alarmed doors and turn out the lights.

There was lots of general getting to know one another conversation. Stan Stocker brought a lathe compound and a rotary table to show his results from trying different machinery paints. He also brought some plans and kits from model building suppliers so we could see what you get for your hard earned money. Don Nichols brought in a Geometric die head for show and tell. I brought pictures from Cabin Fever and a couple of old machinery catalogs.

Plans for the next meeting were discussed. The result was to try a Tuesday night in mid March with the location somewhere in the Tysons or Vienna, VA area. Don Nichols and Eric Nystrom were "volunteered" to make the arrangements. I will be trying to update the web page and get the word out.

Bill Lewis and Eric Nystrom also plan to have something for show and tell at the next meeting. We have someone who has offered to come to one of the Virginia meetings and give a talk on tool and cutter grinding.

Other suggestions that were well received included:

1) Have Home Shop Machinist send out a mailing for us after we have a meeting schedule.

2) Have everyone send this e-mail list some useful information about local vendors and resources such as friendly junk yards, vocational school programs, and shared shop resources. These will be collected and put on the web page. Please try to include specifics such as addresses and phone numbers.

3) Plan co-op purchases of metal stock.

The meeting turned to general one-on-one conversation around 9:30 and some hardy soles stayed until 10:30 PM.

Thanks to Dan, Bill, and Joanna for helping us get this far.

Steve Stallings

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