Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 26 September 2000 Meeting
Mason District Governmental Center 
6507 Columbia Pike 
Falls Church, VA

September saw about 16 members show up for our meeting.

The group as they watched Kevin Brady's presentation on his electric casting furnace.

 Kevin is making his own foundry setup. He is using an old propane tank
to make the shell of his electric furnace.  He plans to keep us posted as
he solves the various problems involved in getting his setup going.


Kevin describes different types of furnaces.


Kevin with the crucible that he made from pipe.


 Don Nichols provided a presentation on the different types of electric motors and controls.


Don Nichols holding a regular single phase induction motor.
Below are a DC motor and control.


Don points out the parts of a DC servo motor.


Don explains capacitor starting of dual voltage motors.



Chris Helgesen brought in a race car spindle that he had fabricated.
He discussed the improvements made of the stock unit and the considerations
involved in making the unit rugged enough for race duty.


Dave Welser brought in an "English wheel" device for forming gentle curves in sheet metal.
Stan Stocker looks on while Dave works a small piece of metal.


Horse trading was lively this night. In addition to the English wheel finding
a new home with Chris Daniel, a hand tapper that John McCalla had brought
followed Dave Welser home.

The meeting continued with general discussion until we had dwindled to a handful and then ended about  11:30 PM. The night owls once again headed out for late night eats.

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