Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 28 November 2000 Meeting
Mason District Governmental Center 
6507 Columbia Pike 
Falls Church, VA

Nineteen of us managed to make it to the November meeting despite the implications of Thanksgiving turkey.

The gang pays rapt attention as the meeting is opened. Kevin's electric
furnace project parts are on display on the front table.



Dave Welser conducted the meeting and is now well on
his way to being the new "den mother".



Kevin Brady continued with his series of talks about building a home designed
electric foundry furnace. Here he shows the shell before it has been filled
with castable refractory.

Kevin also caused a minor stampede by bringing a trailer load of metal
storage drawers and giving them away for free.


Continuing with the casting theme was Jerry Tuwiner.


Jerry shows the pattern and a raw bronze casting of the body of a carpenter's plane.


Jerry explains about learning some of the tricks and techniques.


Jerry with a finished lathe faceplate that he cast.



Chris Daniel with a large electrical switch from a boat that he is
helping to refit. He explained the process of making replacement shafts
from stainless, not a trivial task as the switches contain many keyed cams
and stainless doesn't like to be machined.



Chris Helgesen shows the slide from the taper attachment on his prized
Monarch 10EE lathe. He explained how he re-ground the ways that the
bearings ride on as the unit moves. The construction of this unit is
different in the use of roller bearings in place of the usual dovetail slides.


Dave Bluett shows the power feed gearbox from an Atlas MFC horizontal mill.


The gearbox in Dave's hand as he explains the problems it has
and his request for ideas on how to solve them.

The meeting continued with general discussion and we broke up around 11 PM.  The usual diehards went out for a late night snack.

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