Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 28 June 2001 Meeting
Fairland Public Library
14910 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

We had a record turnout of 31 thanks to word of mouth about the electronic Variable Frequency Drives that the Therry brothers were bringing to the meeting.


Members look on as a VFD is demonstrated.


Dave Welser started the meeting by telling us about his recent acquisition of a Moore #1 jig boring machine. Dave was a lot more focused than my camera at the time! :-)



Next up was the VFD demo and discussion with Bill Therry doing the honors.


Paul Therry tries to keep a low profile while Bill does the talking.



Next Chris Helgesen showed us some strange tool holders that he had acquired at a recent auction. They were for using Devig style microbore cartridges in a large line boring or similar system.

The last presenter for the evening was Roy Schaffer who told us about his visit to the TIP Tools company which makes sand blasting tools and accessories.

The usual after meeting late night snack run saw a larger than usual crowd descend on the local Denny's in Laurel. Hope the Therry brothers made it back to PA safe and sound!.

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