Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 23 August 2001 Meeting
Fairland Public Library
14910 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

We had a record turnout of 31 thanks to word of mouth about the electronic Variable Frequency Drives that the Therry brothers were bringing to the meeting.


The assembled masses strain to hear the good word from someone in the back.


Roy Schaffer talked about Japaning, a type of paint-like finish used on old tools, and his efforts to locate a formula in "Henley's Book of Formulas, Processes, and Trade Secrets" and othe places. He discussed the problem of materials that are no longer available.


Roy also showed us an old table saw fence that he was restoring.


Chris Daniel told us about the Tuckahoe crew's trip to New Jersey to retrieve the Rockford planer that was donated to the museum.


Here is a picture of the planer, back at its new home at Tuckahoe. More pictures will be posted later in a special section of the Tuckahoe museum history page.


Richard George told us about his escapades in buying cutters for a horizontal mill.


Tom Hubin described the mounting blocks for optics that generated his interest in machining. Tom was seeking advice on techniques and small machines that he could use.


A Sherline mill was brought to the meeting to demonstrate fly cutting to square up a block of aluminum similar in size to the optical mounts that Tom needs to make.


Tom experiences the joy of cleaning up after running a fly cutter!

After the meeting several of us headed over to Denny's to recharge our energy with healthy things like pancakes with lots of syrup and nice greasy sausage.

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