Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 25 October 2001 Meeting
Fairland Public Library
14910 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

Turnout for the October meeting was 22 hardy soles.

Fred Schirrmacher talked about micrometers and the different styles of surfaces on the measuring tips, including the influence of shape on accuracy.


Fred shows us his fixture for holding standards in place while calibrating a micrometer.


Fred also talked about a man sized version of Tinker Toys called Unistrut and also offered some surplus Unistrut to members.




Eric Stefan brought in the leadscrew for a Southbend lathe that he is restoring. Eric had previously sought our advice on rust removal, which was now complete, but now had a problem with the support bearing. The screw was frozen in place in the bearing and he was seeking advice on melting out the babbit and re-pouring it.


Roy Schaffer brought web straps to show, as we had been discussing using straps to secure machinery during transport. Features and sources were discussed.

A new member, Rick Pierson, had brought a batch of free goodies to give away and the vultures descended. Hey guys, wait for me to finish with the picture, leave me some.....

After the meeting a group of us made the now customary run over to Denny's.

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