Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 23 November 99 Meeting
Mason District Governmental Center 
6507 Columbia Pike 
Falls Church, VA

Below is the group photo of most of the 30 people who made it to our November meeting. This was before eating the Thanksgiving turkey, imagine what they looked like afterwards!


This month we didn't attempt to have much of a business session, just an unsuccessful attempt to draft a volunteer to look after planning programs for the Virginia meetings.

The first program for the evening was a presentation on Loctite products. Scott Harry from Loctite was on hand with his complete road show.

SAM-ROY.JPG (34113 bytes)

Scott gave a very useful talk, complete with slides, about using Loctite
products and answered many questions from club members.

LOCTITE2.JPG (32610 bytes) 

He also brought along lots of catalogs and literature, which were
voraciously consumed by all of us "high volume" Loctite users. :-)

LOCTITE3.JPG (36114 bytes)

The second program was a discussion of lathe tooling for the tailstock and turret tooling. Steve Stallings brought in examples of many type of tools and lead a discussion of them.

TOOLS2.JPG (26456 bytes)

TOOLS1.JPG (46163 bytes)

After the main programs, we had a good show and tell session.

CHRIS1.JPG (30521 bytes)

Chris Helgesen showed us "triangle" accessories for measuring
thread diameters using standard micrometers.


BILL.JPG (31641 bytes)

Bill Rutiser talked to us about .... my memory is failing again... was it ball turning?


John.jpg (36843 bytes)

John McCalla brought in a kit for the "Tinker" tool grinder for show and tell.


THERRY.JPG (38590 bytes)

And... the Therry brothers were on hand with an exceptional collection of goodies for sale or trade.

The meeting continued with general discussion until we had dwindled to a gang of five, who once again staged a raid on a local diner.

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