Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 25 July 2000 Meeting
Mason District Governmental Center 
6507 Columbia Pike 
Falls Church, VA

Summer attendance is a little lower.... grand total of 18 showed up for July meeting.

The only business conducted was a report on the Tuckahoe show given by Luther Dietrich. He told us how the exhibit was well received and then outlined the club's future plans for the restored machine shop at Tuckahoe.

The program for the evening was about carbide inserts. Brian Bratvold, who had planned to give the presentation was out of town, so the team of Don Nichols and Steve Stallings did stand in duty.

First Steve talked about the different types and shapes of inserts and how to decode part numbers to understand what they mean in terms of size, shape, and features.

Next Don talked about carbide insert holders, their use, and special features.



While no pictures were taken of Steve talking about inserts, Don saw to it that he did not escape the camera completely. Something about turnabout being fair play. So now you can see the guy who is usually behind the camera!

The show and tell session brought out many interesting items.

A new member, Steve Hall, brought in a couple of model engines. He has had a string of bad luck and wants to sell these engines. If interested, you can contact him at --

Dave Bluett brought in a part of his Atlas horizontal milling machine that he wants to refurbish or replace. It seems the previous owner had broken the main support plate for the gear box and had fabricated a homebrew replacement. It works but the gears are noisy and Dave would like to find a replacement or come up with a better way to fabricate a homebrew plate. He showed the assembly and discussion followed.

The Therry brothers once again graced us with their presence. They brought cookies as usual, but no portable flea market this time. Instead they brought down lots of pictures of machinery. It seems they had just bought a large lot of equipment, as a single lot, in order to get a few items they wanted badly. Now they have many extra items too big to keep, so Bill was trying to entice people to come visit him in Pennsylvania.

Kevin Brady brought in a brain teaser to tantalize the group.

The beast in hand is a large threaded rod with one right hand nut and one left hand nut. Each nut is threaded onto the rod, AND tightens or loosens to the left or right as it should, on the SAME rod. Yes they can traverse over the same region of the rod and still behave in this manner!

A seriously concerned Chris Helgesen investigates just HOW this behavior is possible!

The meeting continued with general discussion until we had dwindled to a handful and then ended about  10:30 PM. The night owls once again headed out for late night eats.

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