Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 26 August 99 Meeting
Fairland Public Library
14910 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

At this meeting during the dog days of August there were only 19 people. None the less, we had a lively meeting. Below is the usual picture of our gang.


The meeting began with a business session. Jerry Tuwiner had talked to the folks at the Annapolis Woodworker's Guild about organizational issues. He described how they had done things and brought copies of  the State of Maryland's guidelines for incorporating a "non-stock" corporation to pass out. Discussion included the pros and cons of being a formal club and the possibility of becoming a special interest group of another club.  Jerry is to be thanked for taking the first tentative steps toward helping us get more organized.


There was not an overwhelming interest in volunteering to do the leg work for setting up an organization, but Dave Wesler did offer to continue with Jerry's ideas and to lead discussion at the upcoming Virginia meeting.

There was also some discussion about future programs. Topics that were mentioned include:

        How to turn tapers on a lathe
        Understanding carbide inserts
        Use of a boring head, internal grooving, trepanning
        How to make a hole that is where you want it and is actually round

Another good idea that was mentioned was having exchange programs with other clubs, such as having a blacksmith come to talk to us, and one of us going to talk to the blacksmiths guild.

Next we proceeded to the program. Because of the length of this meeting and wanting to have program material for our next meeting, the gear repair program by Terry Elder was postponed until September's meeting.

Stu Booher gave his presentation on building a shaper. His shaper project is loosely based on the Gingery concept, with liberal adaptation of weldments where Stu felt he could utilize them to good effect. Stu and a friend had also cast some parts from aluminum in the usual Gingery fashion. Stu described how he solved alignment and assembly issues, using his shaper to illustrate as he went.



Next we proceeded to the informal session of members presentations.

Roy Schaffer, a Patina member who had been persuaded to come to the meeting by Robert Vogel, brought an unusual vise for clamping irregular objects. It had been salvaged from obscurity (and rust etc.), and given a nifty new paint job.



Terry Elder told us about his new favorite Scotch brand cut off wheels for die grinders.


Fred Schirrmacher brought copies of articles from Model Engineering that gave an excellent short course in metallurgy and heat treating. He gave a short description and offered copies to members at the cost of duplication.


The meeting then entered the usual informal discussion session and the last of the cookies provided by the Therry brothers disappeared!


The meeting had no formal ending. It was after midnight before the diehards retired to the parking lot.

Thanks to everyone who came and especially to those who were brave enough to entertain us.

Steve Stallings

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