Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 27 July 99 Meeting
Mason District Governmental Center 
6507 Columbia Pike 
Falls Church, VA

Mid-summer and we struggle along. There were 24 people at this meeting. Most of us are in the picture below.


Mason District Governmental Center gave us the smaller room again, but mysteriously had a large white board which they earlier had claimed not to have. We pushed the envelope this time by actually making chips. We were careful to cover the table and didn't make any smoke or noise. No one outside the room noticed and those within enjoyed!

The meeting got under way a little after 7PM. The first event of the evening was Chris Helgesen, who needed to leave early, doing a short show and tell. Chris is doing a project that requires many regularly spaced small precision slots cut into a support member. He discussed his ordeal and showed the arbor with custom spacers and jewelers saws that was his current solution to the problem. Regrettably no picture got taken.

Next we went on to business. Some new information on the organizational front was offered by Jerry Tuwiner. He is a member of woodworking club from Annapolis that operates similarly to our club. He has requested information on their charter and how they are incorporated.

Eric Nystrom continues to arrange meeting locations and has signed us up for September 28 in Virginia. This is a repetitive effort as Mason Government Center only allows reservations 60 days in advance and he has to do it each time. Thanks Eric!

The first presentation of the evening was on surface plates by Steve Stallings. Sorry, but I forgot to get a good picture. Topics discussed included the types of surface plates and materials, how to clean and care for a surface plate, and how to measure and do layout using a surface plate.

surface.jpg (8566 bytes)

The second program was Terry Elder discussing and demonstrating screw cutting in a lathe. In spite of the pitiful condition of the lathe offered to him for this purpose, threads were cut and everyone present saw chips fly for the first time at a CAMS meeting!

Terry holding up a threading instruction sheet and threading tool.

terry.jpg (17934 bytes)


Terry likes "full profile" carbide inserts for threading.

CLOSEUP2.JPG (31595 bytes)


We all crowd around for a closer look. If we continue to do live demos,
we need to get some safety glasses to pass around..

LOOKING.JPG (32656 bytes)


More closeups of threading in action.

CLOSEUP.JPG (36871 bytes)

STARTING.JPG (35136 bytes)

The evening wound up with the usual one on one discussion and a chance to have hands on the exhibit items.

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