Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 28 March 2000 Meeting
Mason District Governmental Center 
6507 Columbia Pike 
Falls Church, VA

March brought us a few new members among the 28 folks who showed up for the meeting.



The first item of business at this meeting was an attempt to get a program chairperson for the Virginia meetings. Steve Stallings will not be able to continue with this function due to changes at his business. He will continue to do upkeep on the web page and maintain the membership list. No one volunteered at the meeting, so the next Virginia meeting is up for grabs.

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Next was Jerry Tuwiner with a continuation of the discussion of possible cooperation with the Tuckahoe steam club. Various matters relating to how Tuckahoe operates were discussed. A suggestion was made to have a day trip for club members to visit Tuckahoe. Saturday the 22 of April was one probable date. For more info stay tuned to the mail list.

The first program for the evening was a presentation on dial indicator repair. Don Nichols brought in many examples and a setup to demonstrate making and installing replacement bezels.

DON0.JPG (39513 bytes)



  DON1.JPG (64866 bytes)

The "golf ball trick" for deforming a bezel for installation was a favorite with the group.


DON2.JPG (31899 bytes)

DON3.JPG (28761 bytes)

Various aspects of dis-assembly, re-assembly, cleaning, and adjustment were discussed.

The second program was a display and discussion of measuring instruments. Steve Stallings and Chris Helgesen brought in examples of many types of gages, indicators, etc. and lead a discussion of them.

GAGES.JPG (49048 bytes)

CHRIS.JPG (29026 bytes)

The meeting continued with general discussion until we had dwindled to a handful, who once again went in search of late night eats. This time we found an Internatinal House of Pancakes restaurant, but lost one member between the meeting and IHOP. Sorry :-(

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