Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society

Review of 28 October 99 Meeting
Fairland Public Library
14910 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

October blessed us with 25 people for our meeting. Folks are not avoiding photographer in the shot below... honest, they were turned around listening to a speaker near the rear of the room.

28OCT99.JPG (56203 bytes)


We got started a little late. The business discussion included reports from Dave Welser on his contacts with other clubs and from Bill Lewis about how the Mustang car club is set up. General consensus was still to avoid incorporation, but to try to represent ourselves as an organization. We shall see how that goes.

DAVEW.JPG (24950 bytes)

Dave Welser (above) and Jerry Tuwiner were brave enough to volunteer when Steve Stallings asked for help with preparing programs for our meetings. They will be taking responsibility for the Maryland meeting programs. Now all we need are some recruits for the Virginia side.

Chris Helgesen reported on possibilities of having a tour of  the Smithsonian institution's Garber(?) aircraft maintenance and repair facility. He will be working on setting up a tour early next year.

We asked for program ideas as usual and Rich Kuzmack offered to do a program on dividing head use. Richard has contributed an article to "Home Shop Machinists" and worked with "Machinery's Handbook" on updating their indexing tables for dividing heads.

Next we proceeded to the programs.

The main program was on gear repair and was presented by Terry Elder. He discussed different methods and brought examples to illustrate.

TERRY.JPG (27922 bytes)

Terry's preferred method of shaping a gear tooth, from the plug that he puts in to
repair a gear, is his die filer machine equipped with a knife edge file.

GEAREDGE.JPG (16869 bytes)

Here is an edge view of a gear with a plug brazed in place and some rough filing done.

Gearfile.jpg (31159 bytes)

Here is a view of the gear in place for filing on the die filer machine.

The next program was to watch a video selected from several supplied by Bob Vogel. The group decided to watch a tape on machine surface scraping.

BILL.JPG (31789 bytes)

Bob could not be present for the meeting so Bill Lewis, who supplied
the video equipment, lead the discussion on which tape to watch

After the programs, we had a show and tell session as usual. Dave Welser brought in another mystery item which stumped the group so it remains unidentified. Brian Bratvold brought in a die head of unusual nature, seeking clues as to how it released following the work cycle. Don Nichols had another treasure for inspection. Jerry Tuwiner showed a set of wood chisels that he made form A1 oil hardening stock and a tool he made to drill the tapered holes for the sockets. He gave a brief description of the processes for both items. Harlan Ray brought in a spindle nose of unknown pedigree and managed to stump the group.

After the show and tell, a general discussion period ensued and lasted until around midnight.

In response to an urgent request from the Therry brothers, we have agreed to provide proof that the cookies sent with them for the enjoyment of the membership, did indeed arrive un-eaten. It seems that the August meeting review showed an empty jar, which aroused suspicion!

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